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  • It will bring back many of the 98% of people that have already left your website.
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  • The cost of this service is very small compared to Google Adwords and it really compliments that service!
  • Your business will grow much faster because you will be bringing back prospects that are truly interested in doing business with you for little cost.

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What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is extremely effective because it focuses your advertising investment on people who are already familiar with your website, brand, service or product and have recently demonstrated interest by visiting your website!  It is common for website traffic to double or triple just by uses the very cost effective tool called "Retargeting!"  That’s why most marketers who use retargeting see a very high return on investment ROI.

Here’s how it works:

Potential Clients go to your website and they get a cookie or pixel on their device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc).    Did you know that 98% of people leave your website never to return?  So, now that you have retargeted them (cookie or pixel), as the browse the web on their favorite websites, your banner ad will appear on these same sites.

They click on your banner ad and you will now get another opportunity with them.

This has no impact of site performance and is not noticeable to the visitor.

Retargeting is a powerful tool to get back a significant portion of the 98% of traffic that has already left your website. 

Without retargeting they are virtually gone forever!

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