FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - Will this help my business grow?

A1 – Typically it will at least double your website traffic if not triple.

Q2 - How/when will I be charged?

A2 – You pay as you go and all payments will be made ahead of time for the month.

Q3 - How can this help me get more out of my PPC budget?

A3 – Your PPC budget gets people to your website.  Retargeting will help bring back a portion of that 98% of people that left your website and are never expected to return.

Q4 - What is the investment for Retargeting?

A4 – Our Base plan starts at $1150 to set it up and about $625 / month.  This includes a discount for decision makers and action takers.

Q5 - Can you break down the cost / fees?

A5 – Yes, we will show you the investment table.

Q6 - How much additional traffic will Retargeting generate?

A6 – In case study after case study, doubling your site traffic is typical, sometimes even tripling.  However, the cost or retargeting is significantly less than paid traffic.

Q7 - What happens if I want to put Retargeting on hold, because we have to much business?

A7 – That is a great problem to have.  We don’t lock you into any long term agreement like other companies.  It is month to month.  We do expect a month notice of stopping.  If you want to put Retargeting on hold for a month or two, we can make that happen.

Q8 - How much should I invest in retargeting along with other advertising?

A8 - As a rule of thumb, to start with and test is about 30% of what you are currently investing in traffic generation investment (Google Adwords, Facebook, other PPC, etc) all combined.

If your Ad investment was $3,000 for Google Adwords and $2,000 on Facebook Advertising (not including the management fees), then starting at (3000 + 2000 = 5000 x 30% =) $1,500 for Retargeting month ad Investment is advised.  Remember, we expect to double (or triple) your traffic from the original $5,000 you are paying.  So you'll get double the traffic for much less than double the cost!


SAQ - Should Ask Questions

Q9 - How much of the Banner Ad Network gets covered with your network?

A9 - We cover about 95% of all available banner ads across the web which is great.  There is another big boy out there that cost is significantly higher, and the reach is much less.  The numbers are always changing and this is a very dynamic industry.

Q10 – I’m not paying for traffic, but I still get website visitors.  Should I add retargeting?

A10 - It depends on several factors with the primary question being what is the value of a customer to your business?  What is the typical profit you make from a client?  I’m asking about Life time value of a new client, not just the first sale if you have multiple transactions over time.  Compared to a custom home builder that you might expect to do only once in your life.

Q11 – If I were to say yes, how long till my ads start appearing?

A11 - The process is setting up your account, creating banner ads and having the banner ads appear takes an average of 15 business days.

Q12 - What types of ads have the highest success rates?

A12 – There are about 8 different ad sizes that can be used for retargeting purposes, however not all of them are effective. We only work with the sizes that are responsible for 80% of the clicks helping you get more out of your investment.

Q13 – Does your company provide reports?

A13 - Monthly Reports will show your ad spend, impressions, clicks, conversions, ETC… this will help you track your performance and return on ROI.

Q14 – Who cannot be retargeted or tracked with retargeting?

A14 - Users who have cookies disabled cannot be retargeted, people that are being tracked and erase their cookies will no longer be tracked unless they revisit your website and receive a new cookie.

Q15 – Do I get an account manager?

A15 – Yes!